Liz Smith to appear on Primetime Glick

Out syndicated columnist Liz Smith reports in the New York Post
that she recently became an inadvertent guest on the Comedy Central
talk-show spoof Primetime Glick. She thought she was to be visited
by manager Bernie Brillstein and a few of his staff members, but he
arrived with a full film crew and comic Martin Short, who was wearing
his Jiminy Glick fat suit and prepared to lob questions. Smith gamely
sat for the interview, though she admits, “I'm not a good actor,
so I kept breaking up at Glick’s gauche inquiries, his outrageous
side remarks, and his burbling enthusiasm for long-ago glamorous souls
such as Lana Turner.” The series debuts Wednesday, June 20, on
Comedy Central but Smith claims no knowledge of exactly when her segment
will air. Check local listings.

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