Eminem playing multiple roles in own film

FOXNews.com reports that controversial rapper Eminem not only will play a part based on his life in what is at present being called Untitled Detroit Project but also will portray the character’s mother and her boyfriend as well. The film, directed by Curtis Hanson (Wonder Boys, L.A. Confidential), features a maternal figure, according to the site, described as “sexy, jealous, fragile—just trying to keep it all together.... Can’t believe this is her life. Can’t handle it. Irresponsible.... Wants every man to want her. Even flirts with her son.” Eminem’s actual mother, Debbie Mathers, has already won a $25,000 settlement in court from her son for his unflattering portrayals of her in his music. The boyfriend character is presented as someone who is “empty inside, stuck in place.” Shooting on the project is to begin soon.

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