Ellen's breakup
difficult for her

The recent
changes in Ellen DeGeneres's love life have apparently been
hard on her as well as on her now ex-partner Alexandra
Hedison. Spies for the New York Post's Page Six on
Tuesday reported seeing DeGeneres "crying hysterically on
her phone in the lobby of the Chateau Marmont [the chic L.A.
hotel and eatery] around 10:30" on Saturday night.
DeGeneres's sudden break with Hedison came less than
a month after the comedian had reaffirmed her love for
Hedison in an exclusive Advocate cover story
appearing on newsstands December 21. The story includes a
portfolio of images of a day in DeGeneres's life,
photographed by Hedison. The last of the photographs--a shot
of DeGeneres at home, getting ready to go to sleep--was
provided to The Advocate the week of November 29,
approximately two weeks after the interview took place.
Responding this week to questions from The
regarding the reported connection between
DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, representatives for both
DeGeneres and de Rossi would say only that they don't
discuss the private lives of their clients.

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