Showtime bids farewell to Queer as Folk, welcomes new season of The L Word

Out Showtime president Robert Greenblatt announced Wednesday that the network was picking up a third season of The L Word but would bid farewell to Queer as Folk after the latter's fifth season. "We're saying it's going out with a bang," Greenblatt told Variety. "The executive producers feel like they've brought it to a certain place and told their stories. I'm sorry to see it go, but it also allows me to get new things on the air." But while Showtime will premiere several new shows in the coming months--including Kirstie Alley in Fat Actress and Mary-Louise Parker in the sitcom Weeds, from out Saved! director Brian Dannelly--the network remains committed to its lesbian-themed hit The L Word. In a statement, Greenblatt said, "The L Word has not only proven itself to be a signature show for Showtime but also one that has captured the imagination of a large mainstream audience with its bold, sexy storylines and talented cast." Season 2 of The L Word premieres on Showtime on Sunday, February 20; the final season of Queer as Folk is set to premiere by early summer.

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