UAE bans
Brokeback Mountain

The United Arab
Emirates has banned Ang Lee's acclaimed film Brokeback
because of Islamic laws against
homosexuality, reports the Khaleej Times.
"Brokeback Mountain is a film which has
nothing positive about it. The portrayal of the sexual
behavior of its main character is offensive to Eastern
societies, particularly Muslims and the Arabs, since
Islam forbids abnormal behaviors like homosexuality,"
said Abdullah Al Amiri, chairman of the Committee of
Financial, Economical, and Industrial Affairs of Sharjah
Consultative Council. “The film will upset the
people of this culture and tradition." Members of the
Sharjah Consultative Council thanked the ministry of
information for what the Times called "its
efforts in protecting the society from unethical and
immoral practices." A member of the ministry told the
Times that its censorship department was making
a great effort to protect the country from movies that will
destroy the values and morals of society.

Nominated for
eight Academy Awards, Brokeback Mountain was
named Best Picture by the Hollywood Foreign Press
Association, the Producers Guild of America, and numerous
U.S. and U.K. critics' groups. It is currently the
highest-grossing film of the five Best Picture
nominees. (

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