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Rodriguez hits back at Curve magazine

Rodriguez (Lost, Girlfight) criticized lesbian
magazine Curve on her Web site forum this week
for outing her in this month's issue. Rodriguez is on
the magazine's cover and says she "wasn't informed of it"
and "had no idea they were using my image to sell

Actress and
Advocate cover girl Kristanna Loken revealed
to The Advocate last November that she
and Rodriguez were intimate, but Rodriguez herself has been
mum on the subject.

"As far as rumors
go of me coming out, I guess Curve magazine took it
upon themselves to out me on the premise of their own
suspicions." Rodriguez wrote. "Whatever, I'm not
insulted, I have a big lesbian following, and for
whatever reasons they show me love I'm never going to
shun, disrespect or neglect anybody who shows me genuine
non-psychotic Love.... But I will Say this, to put
words in someone's mouth and place people in
categories affects them for sure, especially in this

She also notes,
"If I were Ellen, I may get away with 'The I'm Gay'
level of exposure, but I'm not a comedian, I like men; (real
ones anyway) and I've only bin in this business for 7
years not 20. Years of recognition can give a person
lots of leverage especially if you have many years of
positive recognition under your belt. There are certain
things that can close doors between a celebrity and certain
audiences. Especially in a world where walls are
constantly being put up by people seeking comfort and
groups to belong to." (The Advocate)

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