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Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s Complicated Lesbian Wedding

Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s Complicated Lesbian Wedding

Jamie-Lynn Sigler spent six seasons playing Meadow Soprano on HBO’s seminal mob drama, The Sopranos. The “gold star” straight girl, with tons of gay friends, continues to seek out complicated characters; playing a lesbian who marries her gay best friend to save him from deportation in the new romantic drama, I Do. Sigler tells The Advocateabout her new film, why she wanted to play a lesbian, and what she’d love to do with her best friend Lance Bass.

The Advocate: What was the first thing that appealed to you about the script for I Do and the character you play, Ali?
Jamie-Lynn Sigler: First of all, I loved the story. I loved the message that it had.  I thought all these characters were really complicated and heavily flawed but they were all coming from the same place of wanting love and wanting connection. Ali was somebody that had a really hard time communicating and that’s not a character that I’ve ever gotten to play before.  It was an inviting challenge for me to play somebody so different than who I am.  She is somebody that has a few people in her life that she’s comfortable with and will open up to and everyone else she just doesn’t know how. [I Dodirector] Glenn [Gaylord] and I worked for a really long time on giving her this backstory and it was fun to create her with him.

Some viewers, particularly lesbians, will be a bit confused by your character. Ali is a lesbian who appears to be in love with, and lust over her gay best friend, Jack. What do you think Ali’s intentions are when she agrees to marry Jack?
She is not in lust with him. She loves him and he is one of those people she trusts in her life. She’s fresh out of a relationship and he caught her at a vulnerable moment. I think she would have done anything for him as a friend, wanting to help him and needing him near. The thought of him being deported was devastating to her. I think it was more that he hadn’t been in a relationship for their entire friendship; he never really had a serious boyfriend. So I think it was more, not that she was in love with him, but that she didn’t know how to deal with him having someone that was more important than her.


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