Harrison Ford Isn't on Board With Ender's Game Author's Antigay Views

Harrison Ford Isn't on Board With Ender's Game Author's Antigay Views

When it comes to marriage equality, actor Harrison Ford's views have nothing in common with the antigay author whose movie he will soon be starring in.

Science fiction author Orson Scott Card is a National Organization for Marriage board member. He recently made headlines when DC Entertainment employed Card to write a Superman comic, which has so far been scuttled because no artist will work on it. Next up for Card, though, is a movie adaptation of his novel, Ender's Game, in what is supposed to be a November blockbuster movie starring Ford.

Card supports the criminalization of homosexuality and has claimed marriage equality will lead to the end of civilization. In an interview with Salon, Card said “Gay rights is a collective delusion that’s being attempted.”

Ford's latest movie, 42, out this weekend is about the civil rights trailblazing effect of Jackie Robinson. And during an interview he compared the civil rights movement to LGBT people's quest for equal rights.

"Trying to create the best expression of the ideals — the most equal society, the best-regulated society, the best-behaving society — depend on attending to equality and inequity whenever it rears its ugly head," Ford told Metro. "Certainly the marriage issue conveniently falls into that category."

He said the country is nearing "a tipping point" in favor of full equality for LGBT people.

"Things do change quickly at a tipping point, as it builds and it builds and it builds until there’s a moment where the balance of opinion, the weight of experience and the understanding comes to a point where the scales tip in the other direction," Ford said. "We’re getting there, we’re getting there. You know, you would hope that it would have happened with less resistance. You would have hoped that everyone would get the point at the same time, but life’s not like that."

The Hollywood Reporter recently wrote an analysis warning that public opinion maybe have so rejected Card's ideas that it could lead to trouble when Ender's Game is released in theaters in November.

The film also stars Asa Butterfield, Ben Kingsley, Abigail Breslin, Hailee Steinfeld, and Viola Davis.

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