Tori Amos: The Cosmic View

Tori Amos: The Cosmic View

The traditional 20th anniversary gift is china, but acclaimed musician Tori Amos is celebrating with gold. Gold Dust, a collection of newly arranged and recorded tracks that span Amos’s 20-year career as a solo artist, is just out. Inspired by an invitation to play with the Metropole Orchestra in the Netherlands, Gold Dust is Amos’s first set of recordings with a live orchestra.
In 1992 singer-songwriter Amos released Little Earthquakes, her bold and lyrically raw debut solo album that addressed themes of sexuality, religious guilt, and parent-child relationships. Little Earthquakes was a revelation that won Amos critical acclaim and an instant and devoted following.
In this interview with Amos in New York City, she discusses “Flavor,” the first single on the album; performing with an orchestra; encouraging her daughter Natasha (“Tash”), with whom she sang on her previous album, 2011’s classically influenced Night of Hunters; and starting her own music label.
The album and tour schedule are at

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