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WATCH: Sexy and Super Queer Video of Sam and the Womp

WATCH: Sexy and Super Queer Video of Sam and the Womp


Quirky characters and sexy shirtless men help a "feral Elvis with a trumpet" and his Brit crew get down. 

The Technicolor explosion of comic book superheroes and pop art known as the British trio, Sam and the Womp, have already gotten 10 million views for their newest video, "Bom Bom." Directed by Andrew Law at Mrs Grey, "Bom Bom" shows trumpet player Sam, DJ Aaron Audio, and vocalist/ hypewoman Lady Oo, womping with their wild, rambunctious mix of ska, dubstep, and brass 'n' bass, with lyrics like this hook: "The idea is to paint life as you'd love it to be. This life is a lucid dream and it's in your hands. Make it what you want it to be."

There are quirky characters and sexy shirtless men and an a patiche of colorful queerness, too, in a video that appears to be improvised fun. Sam, who calls himself "a feral Elvis with a trumpet" and his crew make London home.

"London is like a big train station of the world," says Lady Oo. "So many people from so many different places are passing through and they're all looking for the same thing which is something different from what they already know, something open, something more connected. The energy of this place means that you have so many people to create and exchange ideas with."

The trio revels in being different. "[The band is] always evolving and changing, whatever we can do to make it insane and fun and different for us," says DJ Aaron Audio. "We like to see how far we can push it."

Now they're on their American invasion, hoping we, too, will dig the Womp. But, just what the hell is a womp?

"It's onomatopoeic for the sound of the bass," says Audio. "We're all bass addicts."

"The womp is the space between the bass and your face," interjects Sam. And then, as if prompted, the trio burst into life as one: "Embrace the bass!"

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