WATCH: Marina and The Diamonds 'You Can't Pin Me Down'

WATCH: Marina and The Diamonds 'You Can't Pin Me Down'

Fans of Marina and the Diamonds should check out the act's just-released video for the hypnotic new single "Can't Pin Me Down." The song finds singer-songwriter (and bona fide gay icon) Marina Diamandis demanding that people stop trying to box her in.

She sings, "Do you really want me to write a feminist anthem? I'm happy cooking dinner in the kitchen for my husband."

The song may be midtempo and trance-like, but listen closely as angry Diamandis lashes out against a "motherf-----." 

Those counting know this is the seventh track Marina and the Diamonds have pre-released from Froot, and it arrives just one week after Diamandis dropped the video for "Forget." 

Froot was originally scheduled to be released in April but will now be available Monday, according to Billboard magazine.

Check out "Can't Pin Me Down."

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