Is Lily Tomlin Retiring?

Is Lily Tomlin Retiring?

Veteran entertainer Lily Tomlin loves her "

audacious, outrageous" character in the fall sitcom Malibu Country, but suggests the project may be her last.

Tomlin, who stars as Lillie Mae, the free-sprited, pot-smoking mother of Reba McEntire's aging country singer in the ABC series, says during last week's TCA panel that she accepted the role because she's been "very taken with Reba for a long time." The comic-actress, who won an Academy Award nomination for the 1975 classic Nashville, also seized the opportunity to play such a vivid character.

"I thought this character would be an opportunity… Lillie Mae's part was to be audacious, outrageous, to say it like it was," Tomlin says. "She's willing to experiment and try anything, where Reba is kind of shut down. Lillie Mae's anything but. I hope she'll even be a bad influence on the kids. I can see her getting involved in anything in the world."

Then the still-energetic 72-year-old drops a bombshell, which we hope is a joke.

"This will probably be my last project before I go to the motion picture home," Tomlin shares. “And I think that’s appropriate.”

Watch the trailer for Malibu Country below.

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