WATCH: Stephen Colbert Says Bill O'Reilly Is Pro-Goat Marriage

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Says Bill O'Reilly Is Pro-Goat Marriage

On Wednesday's episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert acknowledged that "it is looking more and more like the Supreme Court may decide that is legal for gay people to get married. And that's OK with people!"

Colbert goes on to say he was "shaken to the core" to learn of the conservative O'Reilly's "flip flop" on marriage equality, when on Tuesday O'Reilly admitted that compelling legal arguments at the Supreme Court were on the side of marriage equality. What's more, O'Reilly on Tuesday told fellow Fox commentators that he doesn't "feel that strongly" about same-sex marriage. 

"You are Bill O'Reilly!" shrieks Colbert. "You feel strongly about everything! Especially gay marriage — at least you used to."

Colbert launches into a series of archival clips where O'Reilly compared same-sex marriage to polygamy and bestiality, and called President Clinton a "phony" for signing the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, but now condemning it. 

"If Bill O'Reilly is now pro gay-marriage, and isn't a phony flip-flopper like Bill Clinton," Colbert contends, "That means back when he said gay marriage was like marrying a goat, he was really telling us that he's pro-goat marriage."

Watch the clip below, where Colbert is at his faux-conservative best. 


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