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WATCH: John Oliver Eviscerates 'Crazy' Antigay Opponents Around the World

WATCH: John Oliver Eviscerates 'Crazy' Antigay Opponents Around the World

Settling into his stint guest-hosting The Daily Show, John Oliver offered rapid-fire digs at opponents to LGBT equality on Thursday. 

Oliver touched on the Boy Scouts' recent decision to allow gay youth to serve as scouts, lampooning the discriminatory policy by highlighting the hypocritical nature of saying to a young scout at graduation "Congratulations, scout. Gay scouts like you make us all proud," then telling that same scout who wants to volunteer for the organization after turning 18, "You burn in hell, pervert!"

Oliver also revived The Daily Show's long-recurring segment "Gaywatch: International Edition," lambasting marriage equality opponents who took to the streets as France granted all its citizens the freedom to marry last month. Commenting on the sartorial selections of the protestors, Oliver asked, "How is it that France's antigay protests look so much gayer than our pro-gay protests?"

Watch the two-part opening segment, where Oliver discusses the Vatican's "gay lobby" and Russia's recently passed ban on so-called homosexual propaganda, below.


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