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WATCH: The Daily Show Grills Russian Diplomat on 'Gay Centaur' Vladimir Putin

WATCH: The Daily Show Grills Russian Diplomat on 'Gay Centaur' Vladimir Putin

Neither logic nor sarcasm made any headway in illuminating the hypocrisy and blatant human rights violations of Russia's increasingly violent crackdown on LGBT people when The Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee tried to reason with a Russian diplomat on last night's episode. 

Sitting down with Andranik Migranyan, who runs a Kremlin-approved policy group in Russia, Bee opens with the issue of Russia housing National Security Administration leaker Edward Snowden, but is quickly rebuffed by a defiant Migranyan, who contends the entire situation is the United States' fault for canceling Snowden's passport, effectively trapping him inside the Moscow airport. 

Turning to an even more contentious issue, Bee grills the Russian diplomat on the nation's recently passed ban on so-called gay propaganda, which forbids any statement about or in support of LGBT identities that might be visible to minors. 

Bee asks the diplomat why gay people are so "obsessed" with basic rights like not being attacked or put in jail for holding hands or waving a rainbow flag. 

"Gay people, they have the same rights as other people," said Migranyan. "Just don't manifest this in presence of large public, with all this kind of parade, demonstration. … I think this is some kind of inferiority complex. Why the hell you have to have parades?"

Cue the stock footage of massive military parades featuring an abundance of large, phallic missiles, with Bee's voice-over urging "OK, we get it! You're gay!" 

"Come on...the guy looks like a gay centaur," Bee says, holding a picture of a shirtless President Vladmir Putin riding horseback through the Russian wilderness. "This guy right here is one glitter cannon away from leading our Gay Pride parade."

Migranyan dismisses Bee's assertion as "your fantasy."

Watch the whole segment below. 


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