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The 6 Resolutions Gay Men Should Make

The 6 Resolutions Gay Men Should Make

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Tyler Curry encourages you to kiss off 2015 with a promise to get it right in the new year.

Whether you get into resolutions or think they're total bull, the New Year represents new beginnings and new possibilities. And no matter who you are, everyone has room for improvement. So polish those dancing shoes and get ready to pop some bottles. It's time to say goodbye to 2015 and resolve to get it right in 2016.

These are the six resolutions all gay men should make.

ServiceCommit yourself to service.
Maybe it's raising money for your favorite charity or volunteering at the local LGBT youth center, make 2016 less about you and more about how you help others. Get involved in your community and establish connections with the people trying to make a change. If you don't know who your city council member is or what services are provided for the LGBT population in your area, this is the year to get informed and do something that helps out your fellow man and woman. By doing work that benefits others, you will definitely be helping yourself.

FamilyMake more time for your family.
Whether it was the one you were born into or the one you created, your family is your greatest resource and your strongest source of support. But in the chaos of your daily life, the ones you love most can sometimes take a back seat. Make a commitment to schedule more time with your family and invest in the ones who make life matter. Set a reminder to call your mother or plan a reoccuring dinner date with your siblings. No matter what you do, make this year count by making your family feel like the priority they are.

yogaGet into yoga.
The focus on fitness is far too often centered on how you look and not enough on how you feel and how healthy your body and mind are. This year, put down the weights for a little bit and take some yoga classes. The practice of yoga is not only good exercise, but also a physical and emotional stress reliever that you need. The restorative nature of yoga will lead to a more centered you in 2016. Plus, it never hurts to be more flexible.

beardTrim that damn beard.
It is officially time to bid adieu to the gnarly beards of 2015. No one is saying that you have to be completely clean-shaven, but the lumberjack fantasies are as dead as the bits of meat still stuck in those untamed mops. This year, show off a more polished look by grooming your facial hair and maintaining that mug. A sharper appearance can translate to confidence and competence, and those wild whiskers aren't doing you any favors.

negative peopleCut negative people out of your life.
This year, don't sacrifice your own peace and wellbeing just because you're too nervous or intimidated to drop the hammer on toxic relationships. It isn't about the quantity of friendships you have, but the influence they have on your life. If you have someone always bringing you down -- and we all do -- cut the chord and make room for people who inspire you instead.

PostPost positive for social change.
Facebook is not the place to sort your dirty laundry and posting pics of your food is so last decade. In 2016, keep those posts positive and use your social media clout for the greater good. Your social media has an impact on the folks within your circle, so find people, ideas or organizations that you believe in and make the most of your page. And by showcasing a more positive presence, people will have a greater appreciation for you, both online and in real life.

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