Two Men Dead in Murder-Suicide

Two Men Dead in Murder-Suicide

Two New York men are dead in what police say is a murder-suicide. According to The New York Times, Jason Lopez, 22, shot and killed Tory Curtis, 23, before turning the gun on himself in their Brooklyn apartment.

Barry Paddock of the New York Daily News reported that the killing involved a gay love triangle gone awry, that Lopez found Curtis with another man and shot and killed him in a jealous rage. Curtis's mother, however, told reporters her son was not gay.

According to both newspapers, neighbors saw a man fleeing the building, frantically screaming, "Help, help!" and some version of "he killed my best friend." Witnesses told reporters that man, who is unnamed in police reports, was shoeless, sobbing, and allegedly said he had been locked in a closet.

A barber identified only as Rosendo R. from the Rafael Barber Shop told the Times that a day before the murder, Curtis, one of his regulars, was arguing in the street with a man he called his roommate. Rosendo R. said, “He told me he was kicking out his roommate, his best friend."

Police have not released an official statement about the crime yet.

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