Men Claim They Were Attacked in Austin

Men Claim They Were Attacked in Austin

Austin local Nick Soret says he and a friend were attacked on the city's Fourth Street, the night before the LGBT Pride festival, by a man who believed the revelers were checking him out at a food truck.

The incident occurred Friday night, when a man asked Soret what he was looking at. When Soret told him he wasn't looking at anything, the man allegedly knocked Soret's pizza slice off his plate, burning Soret's arm. When Soret's friend confronted the aggressive man, he was allegedly met with fists and lost several teeth in the process. Soret was then himself attacked, but managed to shield his face from direct punches.

"It was done just out of meaness, and I think prejudice," Soret told the local media. "It was unprovoked. We did not provoke him, we did not engage him. We didn't do anything."

Police are investigating the attack and will be aided by a camera attached to the pizza truck.

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