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British Man Tortures and Kills Gay Men

British Man Tortures and Kills Gay Men

New York City's gay residents have been shaken by a trio of murders involving gay men and, police presume, sex partners met online. Turns out it's not just an American concern. Jason Peter Marshall, a 25-year old Britsh man, was arrested Friday in Rome after allegedly torturning and murderingone a gay man and torturing another after meeting them in gay chat rooms.

According to The Telegraph, Marshall met a 55-year-old man through a gay chat room and went home with him.

"They ate dinner, watched TV and kissed but did not have sex," the Italian investigator told The Telegraph's Tom Kingston. "Then the victim noticed that Marshall was carrying a gun and demanded to know why. Marshall claimed to be working for MI5 and involved in security at the British embassy in Rome. When the victim did not believe him, Marshall flew into a violent rage."

Kingston reported that Marshall then allegedly punched the victim and tried to suffocate him with sofa cushions. He also tortured him to get his ATM pin number and stole 400 Euros before fleeing the scene. Police were able to track Marshall via his cell phone.



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