Gay Couple Says Attacker Enraged They Got Married

Gay Couple Says Attacker Enraged They Got Married

A recently married gay couple in San Diego, Calif. claim they were attacked by a straight couple after inviting the strangers to their home for dinner following a friendly conversation at a neighborhood bar. 

Zach and Shawn, who were only identified by their first names in a report from San Diego's ABC 10News, say they were out for drinks at Club Kensington two weeks ago, when they met a straight couple in their 60s who seemed friendly. 

"He was with his wife and they seemed like a nice couple, so we struck up a conversation," Zach told 10News.

Zach says the couple initially congratulated he and Shawn on their recent marriage, and after a few drinks, the gay couple invited the straight couple to their nearby home for dinner. 

But after 20 minutes at Shawn and Zach's home, Zach said the evening took a violent turn while he was talking to the woman's husband about sports. 

"He looked at me and said, 'I hate faggots,'" Zach told 10News. "Next thing you know, he hit me upside the head." 

Zach said he blacked out, but woke up to the man beating him while hurling gay slurs. Zach said the beating lasted four to five minutes, and that his attacker shattered wine glasses over his head. 

Zach's husband, Shawn, reportedly heard the commotion and came running inside from the patio,  where he had been smoking with the alleged attacker's wife. 

"[Zach] was curled up on the floor and being kicked," Shawn told 10News. After the attacker allegedly threw more glasses at Shawn, someone called the police. 

Officers told 10News they did have a record of the case, and were referring the issue to the City Attorney's office to consider misdemeanor battery charges. Police did not confirm whether or not hate-crime charges will be added. 

The gay couple's attorney said the alleged attacker was interviewed by police, and called the couple "perverts," claiming Zach tried to molest him. But when police asked for specifics of what happened, the alleged assailant said he couldn't remember details, according to 10News. 

"I don't think anybody should be beat in their own homes and called faggot," Shawn told 10News. "It's a hate crime."

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