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Trans Man Attacked at Philly 7-Eleven After Coming Out Day Celebration

Trans Lives Matter

A transgender man was reportedly attacked at a 7-Eleven in the City of Brotherly Love.

The alleged victim, 30, was wearing a "Trans Lives Matter" sweatshirt at the convenience store in Philadelphia’s Old City district when two people began brutally beating him, according to his two sisters, who reached out to WCAU, a local NBC affiliate, with news of the attack.

The attackers punched the man and threw him to the ground — a scene of violence captured by the store's surveillance video. The sisters said their brother was kicked in the head and is currently recovering from a host of injuries, including a broken jaw.

The sisters believe the man's shirt may have made him a target and are reaching out to media in order to bring his assailants to justice.

“I’m very hurt that my brother is sitting very hurt with a broken jaw, eyes messed up, and nobody helped him, and I just want the people to get caught,” one of the sisters told WCAU.

The incident occurred Sunday around 9 p.m. following OutFest, an LGBTQ block party that bills itself as the world's largest National Coming Out Day event. The store's location is at the intersection of Third and Market streets.

Family members said they reported the incident to the Philadelphia Police Department, which has yet to comment on it.

There is an epidemic of violence against the transgender community in the United States. At least 19 trans people have been killed so far this year, the majority of them being trans women of color.

Watch WCAU's footage of the attack below.

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