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Dennis Rodman Angers Fans by Rocking Skirt for Houston Pride

Dennis Rodman Angers Fans by Rocking Skirt for Houston Pride

Fans Clap Back After Dennis Rodman Rocks Skirt For Pride

Some fans have Dennis Rodman's back against the haters on social media.

Five-time NBA champion Dennis Rodman was spotted at Houston Pride in Texas on Sunday wearing a plaid skirt. And while the fans in attendance were in obvious approval of the LGBTQ+ icon’s choice of gender-bending attire, many of his fans on social media were not as supportive.

A little hate on social media never intimidated the man who is recognized as one the most dominant rebounding forwards ever to play the game of basketball. But this time, it was his fans who had his Hall of Fame back.

Rodman took part in the Pride March in Houston on Sunday wearing a skirt that rivaled the high-cut short-shorts of the old NBA and decided to post pics and a video of himself interacting with the obviously enthused crowd.

“Love will Always Win,” Rodman posted to Instagram on Monday. “Happy Pride.”

The post included two pics and a short video showing the 6-foot, 7-inch Rodman wearing a pleated green, white, and black plaid skirt that would get a Catholic high school girl (albeit incredibly long-legged) in trouble.

“I miss the Detroit Dennis Rodman,” one fan posted, referring to Rodman’s first team. “This didn't happen until he got to Chicago.”

“My respect for Rodman 📉📉📉, ” wrote another.

“Instant respect loss and unfollow,” another unhappy (former) follower wrote.

“Dennis Rodman has been like this since the 90s,” responded one poster in Rodman’s defense. “idk why y’all are surprised, let the man live.”

“Dude wore wedding dresses and nba fans are surprised he’s an ally,” wrote another.

Perhaps the best response came from one fan who observed, “He got the legs for that skirt tbh.”

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