Drew Khandi, the Vegan Next Door

Drew Khandi is one of the 20 men and women who are up for PETA's ninth annual Sexiest Vegan Next Door award. While the contest is indeed a shameless display of 20 gorgeous people, it's also PETA's way of educating others that vegans aren't all crunchy, hippie-dippie people. Khandi an aspiring singer from Queens, N.Y., is gay, and he loves animals and vegan quesadillas. He's also looking to win the vote-in contest by Friday to win a trip to Hawaii (a bioethically responsible trip, of course). Here's what he has to say about dating nonvegans and the cow that made him give up meat forever.



The Advocate: What first inspired you to go vegan?
Drew Khandi: I follow a lot of vegan nutritionalists and activists, and I remember it very vividly. On December 15, 2011, I was inspired by those activists to start watching some documentaries on veganism and animal abuse, particularly Forks Over Knives. So that night I started watching, and when I looked into the eyes of a cow that was going to be put down, I could see and feel the fear, sadness, and pain. Not to mention vegans are slimmer, have healthier hearts, lower propensities for obesity, cancer, and diabetes. Also, by switching to a vegan diet, I can save 100 animals a year from slaughter and maltreatment. From that moment on, I knew I would be vegan forever and never, ever look back.


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