New York City
schools set to introduce new HIV curriculum

Public schools in
New York City will introduce a new HIV curriculum in
December that includes instruction on condom use and
corrections of factual errors that existed in the old
curriculum, which was written in the late 1980s, the
New York Sun reports. For example, the old
curriculum encourages the use of the spermicide
nonoxynol-9, but recent studies have shown that the
compound irritates the lining of the vagina and the
anus, making infection with HIV and other sexually
transmitted diseases easier.

State law
requires public schools to offer lessons on HIV to all
students; New York City rules require that students in
grades 7–12 participate in six HIV education
classes each year and that students in elementary
school receive HIV lessons annually.

Conservatives in
the state oppose the new curriculum, saying information
about condoms should not be presented in schools. “To
go down that road is only looking for more trouble
than we need,” Conservative Party chairman
Michael Long told the Sun. (

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