man’s illegal blood sales lead to 28 HIV

An HIV-positive
man in China who made 17 illegal blood sales at the
Dehui, China, central blood bank between January 2003 and
June 2004 has been identified as the source of 28 new
HIV transmissions in the area, reports the China
Health officials began investigating the
blood bank in October 2005 after six recipients of
blood from the bank died. Police have arrested the director
of the bank and 10 of his colleagues for the illegal
practice of buying blood from area residents. Another
seven officials with the blood bank and the
city’s health bureau have been removed from their
positions or placed on probation. Officials from the
blood bank say the HIV-positive man had undergone two
previous HIV antibody tests and that his results had been
negative, but the Chinese health ministry says it cannot
confirm that the man’s blood was ever screened.
Blood sales were banned in China in 1998.

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