Canada Pledges
Additional $45 Million to Fight AIDS

Canadian health
minister Tony Clement announced at the 17th International
AIDS Conference in Mexico City that his country will
spend $45 million to fight the spread of HIV in
Africa. These funds will be on top of the $515 million
Canada has pledged to fight HIV globally over the past
three years.

"For people
living with HIV/AIDS," Clement said in a statement,
"these funds will go toward programs that help them to live
longer and better lives. For those at risk of
infection, this investment will help to provide the
education and prevention tools needed to protect
themselves against HIV/AIDS."

The bulk of the
spending will focus on sub-Saharan Africa. The $515
million Canada has pledged in recent years supports clinical
training, nongovernmental organizations, and research,
with commitments extending into the next decade. The
bulk of the additional $45 million is being
earmarked for projects in Mozambique and South
Africa. (The Advocate)

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