CDC: HIV Rate Is
a Crisis

The U.S. Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention has urged a House
panel to back additional programs for sexual protection and
education for African-Americans, Latinos, and gay and
bisexual men, the Los Angeles Times reported Monday.
The testimony at the House Committee on Oversight and
Government Reform follows the new numbers on HIV
infection rates in the United States.

The CDC reported
in August at the International AIDS Conference that the
rate of HIV infection had been underestimated by 40% every
year for more than a decade. Its revised numbers
indicate that there are 56,300 new infections
annually, as opposed to the original figure, which claimed

"We need to do so
much more than we're doing right now," CDC director
Julie Gerberding said at the conference. "And we need to get
AIDS back on the radar screen ... this is something that is
still posing a threat to college students and to young
men and women across our nation's fabric."

More than 1
million Americans have HIV, according to the CDC. The United
States has a higher infection rate than any other Western
nation except Switzerland, according to a report on
the new figures in The Journal of the American
Medical Association.

Men who have sex
with men accounted for more than half of the new
infections in 2006, the most recent year for which figures
were available. The rate of HIV infections among the
black population is seven times higher than the rate
for whites. The rate for Latinos is three times higher
than that of whites.

President Bush's
HIV outreach has consisted mainly of efforts
in developing countries with high infection rates in
Africa and Asia. (Michelle Garcia, The

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