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King Princess to Lady Gaga Once Meeting: "Oh, My God, I’m Gay"

gaga and king princess

The artist shared the story of her first meeting with the pop icon and LOL. 

Rising pop star King Princess has quite the story about meeting one of her icons, Lady Gaga.

In an interview with Playboy, the artist whose name off-stage is Mikaela Straus recounted meeting the Gaga on her 19th birthday at a concert in Los Angeles.

"I rolled through to this Lady Gaga concert at the Forum" with Mark Ronson and her best friend, Josh, she told the magazine. The singer said she was under the influence of marijuana at the time and didn't want to meet Gaga while inebriated.

"We were fully sobbing the whole time because it reminded me of being a kid and going to a Gaga show, and being like 'Oh, my God, I'm gay'-- but I was so fucking stoned," the singer said when referring to watching Gaga's performance live.

After the show, Ronson kept pushing Straus to meet her personal icon outside the door to Gaga's dressing room when the door suddenly swung open and the woman herself stepped out.

"She walks out with cutoff jean shorts and a blunt. I'm just gooped," Straus shared. "She walks right up to me and says, 'Hey, I've heard so much about you. I can't wait to listen to your music.'"

"All I could say [in response] was 'I'm gay,'" Straus recounted. "I went through a whole menstrual cycle and years of emotions in five minutes."

You can read the full profile King Princess and her rise as a queer pop star here on Playboy.

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