Will pro-gay
Giuliani run for governor of New York?

Will pro-gay
            Giuliani run for governor of New York?

While former New
York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani is leading national polls
for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, politicians
in his home state are beginning to wonder if he might make a
run for office closer to home next year: governor.
State senator Nicholas Spano noted Thursday that
Giuliani agreed to headline the annual Westchester County
GOP dinner next week. "It's a very good sign that he is
considering a run for governor," said Spano, a former
Westchester County Republican Party chairman. "When you
start to see potential candidates in the suburban Republican
counties, that is a sign that person is interested in
statewide office."
While that may be wishful thinking from some
Republicans, former governor Mario Cuomo, a Democrat, said
he believes that if Giuliani decides he can't win the GOP
presidential nomination because of his support for abortion,
gay rights, and gun control, "I could see him taking a shot
at the governorship."
Giuliani, whose political stock soared as he led his
city through the horror of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, has
remained popular in Republican circles nationally. He spent
much of last year traveling the country on behalf of
President Bush's reelection campaign and helping other GOP
candidates. The former mayor said recently that it was "way
too early" to talk about 2008. He made the comment while in
South Carolina, a critical early presidential primary state,
at a fund-raiser for the Asian tsunami.
Meanwhile, aides have sought to tamp down speculation
that Giuliani might run for governor next year, most
recently when the New York Post, quoting unidentified
New York Republicans, reported this week that while
Giuliani's primary focus remained on the presidency, he
hadn't ruled out a run for governor.
Asked about the Westchester GOP fund-raiser on March
31, Giuliani spokeswoman Sunny Mindel said: "It doesn't
signify anything other than he was invited. This has been on
the schedule for a while." (AP)

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