Pro-gay McCain
supports antigay amendment

A proposed
constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Arizona
has just gotten a big endorsement—from the state's
notoriously pro-gay Republican U.S. senator, John
McCain. At a Thursday night meeting with the group
Protect Marriage Arizona, McCain not only endorsed the
proposal, he also signed a petition to place the measure on
the November 2006 state ballot.

McCain has
opposed an amendment to the U.S. constitution banning
same-sex marriage, saying it's an issue that should be
left to the states. But in a statement, McCain said he
believes that "the institution of marriage should
be reserved for the union of one man and one woman."

The Arizona Human
Rights Fund is fighting the amendment. Cochair Steve
May said McCain is doing what he has to do politically in
part because he's likely going to run for president in
2008. May said McCain's "endorsement of issues that
many Arizonans consider extreme is understandable in
light of the fact that he is also running for the
nomination in places like South Carolina and Louisiana." May
added that the extreme nature of the amendment
"doesn't fit with Arizona's live-and-let-live
traditions." And he said his group has a year to
educate McCain and others about the "harmful effects" of
the ban.

Supporters of the
amendment have until July 6 to collect about 184,000
valid signatures to place it on the November 2006 ballot. If
approved, it would not only ban same-sex marriage,
which is already illegal in Arizona, but also prohibit
any legal recognition for unmarried persons by any
governmental body. (Sirius/OutQ)

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