Study: Circuit
parties spread HIV

A new study of
circuit parties has found evidence for what many have
suspected: The events, first created to raise awareness and
funding for AIDS prevention, actually increase the
risk of HIV among partygoers and are a threat to
public health. The study by researchers at
Northwestern University is an analysis of existing research.
The study shows that up to a quarter of the
circuit party attendees say they are HIV-positive and
use crystal meth or ecstasy. In fact, in one survey,
95% of partygoers admitted using psychoactive drugs, and six
out of 10 used three or more drugs in one night. Two
thirds of those surveyed reported being sexually
active, but only two in 10 reported engaging in "safe
anal sex." Almost one third reported multiple sex partners,
and almost half of those said that their sex was unprotected.
Although circuit parties were ostensibly created
to raise awareness about AIDS, one study reported that
14% of the attendees actually said they were there to
"forget about HIV/AIDS." (Sirius OutQ News)

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