Gay homecoming
king and queen elected by Illinois high school

The homecoming
king and queen of Buffalo Grove [Ill.] High School in
suburban Chicago are a jock and a cheerleader, but
they're far from typical. The boy is the cheerleader,
the girl is the jock, and they're both openly gay.
Jen Wohlner and Ryan Cooperman are popular
leaders at the school. Wohlner plays sports and went
to her prom with another girl last year. Cooperman is
on the cheerleading squad. NBC-Five Chicago reports
classmates cheered thunderously when the two were
chosen homecoming king and queen last week. Wohlner
says it shows the school, "and maybe the generation as
a whole, is just a little more progressive."
But there's always someone standing by ready to
rain on the homecoming parade. Peter LaBarbera of the
Illinois Family Institute complained to NBC-Five that
"something once sort of universally regarded as a sin
is now becoming sort of cool in high school." (Sirius OutQ

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