gay-bashing victim charged in slaying

resident Lucas Dawson, 21, was charged Tuesday with
voluntary manslaughter in the stabbing death of a teenager
on October 29. But WPVI-TV reported that Dawson told
police that he was attacked by the victim for being gay.
Dawson says he was walking to catch a bus when
four teenagers began verbally assaulting him, saying
"You're gay" and calling him "faggot." Dawson told his
family he crossed the street to avoid trouble, but one
of the teenagers threw a basketball at him, and the
group rushed him and started severely beating him.
Dawson got to his feet and allegedly pulled out
a pocket knife, trying to keep his attackers away.
Dawson says 17-year-old Gerald Knight chased him down
and that during the fight Dawson stabbed Knight in the
chest. Dawson's family says he then ran home and told
them, "I think I cut one of them." He also said that
he had been told by one of the other teens, "Now we're
going to have to shoot you."
Dawson, an aspiring singer, could face 30 years
if convicted. His family said he would plead not
guilty at a Tuesday hearing. He remains in jail,
unable to raise the $30,000 bond. (Aaron McQuade, Sirius
OutQ News)

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