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Big Gay Following: Cameron Diaz

Big Gay Following: Cameron Diaz


Perennial "It Girl" Cameron Diaz sits down with The Advocate for a candid chat about gays, paparazzi, and a particularly memorable trip to Amsterdam.

We loved her more serious turns in Being John Malkovich and Vanilla Sky, but there's just something about a girl with semen in her hair. Soon to be seen in The Holiday, one of Hollywood's highest-paid angels -- and Justin Timberlake's girlfriend -- proves that sexy never left.

The Advocate: How does it feel to be featured in the Big Gay Following section?
Cameron Diaz: When I heard the news I was ecstatic! I've always wanted to be in The Advocate. I was trying to figure out how I could get into it, actually.

Do you mind that many of your gay male fans are insanely jealous that you get to sleep with Justin Timberlake?
No, of course not! I'm not at all intimidated. I don't even care about the girls who flash all their bits and pieces at him. None of that bothers me. I love it! I'm like, "How awesome is your life? How cool is it to be you?" And Justin loves all of his fans. People adore him across the board, and he's not uncomfortable with any part of it. We love the gays.

How do your gay fans differ from your straight fans?
A gay fan isn't afraid to gush, which a girl doesn't mind! The Sweetest Thing seems to have a big gay following.

Totally! It's a crime that "The Penis Song" in that movie wasn't nominated for a Best Song Oscar.
And we cut it short -- no pun intended -- for ratings' sake, of course. But I agree. I felt that if something insulting like "Blame Canada" from South Park can be nominated, why not us? Hey, how about Christina Applegate? How awesome is she? I think she's probably more popular with the gays than me.

Maybe you two can fight over it.
We might! [Laughs]

That scene in which Christina pretends you're giving her oral sex while she's driving has surely fueled many a lesbian fantasy.
I'm sure! Wow, I've never even thought of that. That's interesting. That's some place to go.

Has your tomboyish personality ever attracted any lesbian advances?
Oh, yeah, definitely. Which I don't mind at all. I love women. I think they're amazing and beautiful.

Do you have any celebrity girl-crushes?
I had a major girl-crush on Pamela Anderson. Still do -- she's hot as ever -- but she was my first. When I first discovered her I was like, Wow, she's so beautiful!

What's your butchest quality?
I've always felt I have a very good balance of male-female energy. I've always been able to hang with the guys, but I'm also totally a girly-girl. I'm a very feminine woman when it comes to my sexuality, but physically, my arms can become man-like in appearance very quickly. Like when I surf too much I get shredded.

When Lance Bass came out, Justin and the other former 'N Sync members were asked to put in their two cents. Hypothetically, if you ever came out of the closet, what would Charlie's other Angels say?
Hilarious! Lucy [Liu] would be, "Um, I totally accept her and I'm happy for her." She would give the "Justin" response. I don't know if Drew [Barrymore] would be too surprised. She'd be like, "Duh!"

You star opposite the gorgeous Jude Law in The Holiday, but who's been the most distractingly handsome out of all your leading men?
I did a film with Keanu Reeves a long, long time ago called Feeling Minnesota. I was new to the industry and I didn't know a lot of people yet that I had been watching on film, so I was like, Wow, he's really amazing-looking.

You recorded a great song called "I Fall Apart" for the Vanilla Sky soundtrack. Do you have any aspirations to record your own album?
I always joke that I'm going to do an album just for Japan. For my Asian market only! No, I have no aspirations. I was whistling this morning and was told that it was out of key.

I understand you're getting a nose job strictly for health reasons, but since you're getting it done anyway, what "celebrity nose" would you like?
I've never really thought about it, but you're right, I should probably go ahead and sculpt it up. Maybe I'll just get an amalgamation -- go in with a few pictures and let them create. I don't know, maybe I'll get Jack Nicholson's nose. Jack's got a good strong nose.

The blogs tend to give Justin and you a pretty hard time about how you handle the paparazzi, saying you both need to lighten up. How do you feel about that reputation?
It's really easy to say that sitting behind a computer without ever having experienced it. There was a period of time where the paparazzi were really, really aggressive 24 hours a day and we couldn't live our lives -- literally could not go anywhere without being attacked by 20 people. Even though we're celebrities, we're still human. We have a right to be protected as well. The funny thing is that all of our kicking and screaming somehow has actually worked, so I don't give a shit. Because they have backed off. They've pretty much vowed not to print any picture of me other than a terrible one. So now I just smile and wave at them, and you never see pictures of me anymore, because they only want to sell the photos where I look haggard. [Laughs] They really do hate me. But as long as they stay away from me, they can hate me all they want.

What's your favorite story to tell at parties?
Oh, I've got a few. I love telling stories. OK, I have a good one from Amsterdam when I went to the Bananen Bar in the Red Light District. This girl came up to me and was like, "Do you want a postcard?" I was like, "Sure." So she went behind the bar and got this box. She sat it down on the bar that was about chest high, she opened it up, took out a pen and a couple of postcards, closed it back up, put the postcard down on top of the box, took the cap off the pen, and then proceeded to squat in front of me and put the pen up inside her vagina and said, "Who do I make it out to?" [Laughs] And I was like, "Uh, you can make that out to Nick." She started to write it out and I'm like, "No, not Rick. Nick." So she crosses it out, starts over, I'm talking full-on cursive, dotting the is, crossing the ts, everything. That was an experience. I've got more, but that's a good one for The Advocate, right?

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