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Cuadra Found Guilty of
Cobra Video Murder

Cuadra Found Guilty of
    Cobra Video Murder

escort/porn-producer Harlow Cuadra was found guilty of the
first-degree murder of his porn industry rival Bryan Kocis by a
jury in Luzerne County Thursday afternoon, according to the
Wilkes Barre Times Leader newspaper. The jury of eight men and
four women took less than four hours to reach a verdict.

Cuadra, 27, faces the
death penalty for his crime, as prosecutors have indicated that
they will pursue such a sentence.

Cuadra and former
lover/business partner Joseph Kerekes allegedly killed Kocis to
get access to porn star Brent Corrigan, who at the
time was entangled in a litigious feud with Cobra Video and
Kocis over the use of his stage name.

Cuadra testified
Tuesday that he was a U.S. Navy medic when he met
Kerekes in Norfolk, Va., where he was stationed. They started
talking in an Internet chat room and then met in person in a
local mall.

Assistant District
Attorney Michael Melnick asked the defendant why he was
discharged suddenly in 2002, since the country was at war in
Afghanistan and gearing up for another war in Iraq.

"I'm no
coward, if that's what you're trying to do," Cuadra
said. He said that Kerekes urged him to leave the military
shortly after their relationship started. Kerekes also
introduced him to prostitution as an occupation and eventually
to producing pornography.

Kerekes, who
is currently serving a life sentence for his
involvement in the murder, refused to testify on behalf of
Cuadra. He took the stand for about five minutes Tuesday before
he was removed by Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr., according to
Wilkes-Barre Times Leader.

Kerekes was to testify on Cuadra's behalf, but he told
Cuadra's attorney Joseph D'Andrea that he did not want
to speak.

Kerekes pleaded guilty
in December to killing Kocis in his home with Cuadra. Kocis was
stabbed 28 times before his house in Dallas Township, Pa., was
set on fire, burning him beyond recognition, according to his
father's testimony.

Cobra webmaster
Alexander Fuente testified that Kocis received e-mails two days
before his murder from someone who identified himself as Danny
Moilin seeking to audition for a Cobra film. In the photos
submitted, Moilin resembles Cuadra.

week prosecutors showed the jury one of many alleged
photos sent to Kocis under the false name. Trooper Brian
Murphy, a computer forensic investigator, said he was able to
trace at least a dozen e-mails and photos between Moilin and
Kocis in January 2007.

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