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Urban Outfitters
Hawking "Gays in Closet" Envelopes

Urban Outfitters
    Hawking "Gays in Closet" Envelopes

A collection of six
"Embarrassing Prank Envelopes" being sold at Urban
Outfitters retailers in California features an envelope from
the "Homosexuals Living in the Closet Society of

The envelope is
accompanied by the "company slogan": "Proudly Helping
Secretly Gay People Since 1989 "

Long considered to be
one of America's hippest retailers, Urban Outfitters
came under fire

from gay media last December when "I Support Same-Sex
Marriage" T-shirts were yanked from store shelves.

Following that
controversy, gays and lesbians may take offense that the
retailer is selling a collection of cards that seems to put
homosexuals on a par with "Sheep Lovers" and
"Lowlife Rat Bastards" -- other "companies" represented
in the package of six envelopes.

Envelopes sent from
"www.PORNPHOTOS.COM," "Back Hair Removal System," and
"The Compulsive Masturbation Assistance Group" round out
the collection.

Urban Outfitters
chairman Richard Hayne is a conservative who
has donated thousands of dollars to right-wing causes,
including the campaigns of homophobic former U.S. senator Rick
Santorum of Pennsylvania. When asked in 2003 about his own
views on homosexuality, Hayne told the
Philadelphia Weekly,

"I have my own opinion, but I am not going to share

Urban Outfitters Envelopes pack x390 (staff) |

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