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Trans Woman Murdered by Brother

Trans Woman Murdered by Brother

 A transgender woman in the eastern province of Gaziantep, Turkey, was killed on Oct. 7.

The woman, Ramazan Çetin, was already being treated at Gaziantep Cengiz Gökçek State Hospital following injuries she sustained after having fallen "from a high place" on Oct. 4 when she was shot to death.

According to the Hurriyet Daily News, Cetin, who was 24, was taking special care to avoid her family. She had moved out of her family home two years ago after they disapproved of what they called her "sexual preference" but was likely her gender identity.

The victim's brother, Fevzi Çetin, turned himself in to hospital police shooting his sibling with a pistol at about 6:45 p.m. Two bullets went through Cretin's body, while another bullet went through her head, according to reports. Chaos ensued at the hospital while some witnesses videotaped Cetin being hauled away on a stretcher.

“My brother was engaged in travestism. I killed him,” 27-year-old Fevzi Çetin bragged to hospital staff. “I cleansed my honor.”

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