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Warren G Wants Gays Off TV


Warren G, real name Warren Griffin III, told Vanity Fair, "I ain't against gay people. I'm just against it being promoted to kids."

To illustrate his acceptance, the Grammy-nominated rapper explained that he knows some gay people. "I know people that's gay. My wife's got friends that are gay. I got family that's gay. ... He's my homie," he said, according to Vanity Fair.

While he may be acquainted with gays, Griffin does not approve of them showing affection to one another in public. The multiplatinum-selling artist is especially concerned about the effect men kissing on television could have on children. "I just mean that on some of these TV shows, they got dudes kissing," Griffin said. "We can't have kids growing up with that."

Griffin suggests that gays keep their affection to themselves, particularly because such acts are not what people were "originally put here to do."

"I know it happens, but let's keep it behind the scenes. Ain't nothing wrong with it if that's what two dudes want to do. Cool. But that's not bring that out into the world, where the kids can see that," adds Griffin. "We don't want all the kids doing that 'cause that ain't how we was originally put here to do. Like I said, I ain't got no problem with the gays."

Warren G was talking to Vanity Fair to promote his new album, due in October.

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