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Gay, Lesbian Tensions Flare in Manchester


A gay man and his two lesbian neighbors in Manchester, England, are engaged in a bitter dispute that includes allegations that he tried to poison the women with slug pellets and kidnap their three-legged cat.

Gary Stewart was arrested after he served Marie Walton and Beverly Sales a peace offering of curry, which the women discovered was studded with slug pellets. The pellets contain the chemical metaldehyde, which can kill children and animals but is generally less harmful to adults.

Stewart admitted to the attempted poisoning in court, according to the Daily Mail. Neighbors said the act was the culmination of an "apparent hate campaign."

"Residents said that when Stewart had initially moved in with his partner, Paul Kleisier, several years ago they had been perfect neighbors," reported the Daily Mail. "But over time they became 'vindictive' and began arguments with residents over petty matters."

Stewart also allegedly kidnapped Sales and Walton's three-legged cat, Amber, and dumped her in a village three miles away. The cat was found in good condition.

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