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Italian Court Postpones Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Italian Court Postpones Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

The Constitutional Court in Italy has postponed a decision on same-sex marriage until mid April.  

Civil rights leaders called the decision "a good sign."
Imma Battaglia of the Digay Project, Sergio Rovasio of Certain Rights, and Paul Patanè of Arcigay characterized it as "a decision filled with optimism," Gazzetta di Mantova reported.

The decision was expected to be delivered by Friday.

Gay rights are at the top of the country's legal news. as last week one of Italy's highest courts issued a ruling that states calling someone "gay" can be an insult if it's done with the intention to denigrate.

"The fact that the word is neutral doesn't mean it can't be used to offend," Patanè said. "If the intention is to hurt, to humiliate, and in doing so I add actions or other words, then it's an offense."

In Italy insulting someone is an offense that carries monetary fines.

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