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Uganda Newspaper on Gays: "Hang Them"

Uganda Newspaper on Gays: "Hang Them"

At least four gay Ugandans have been attacked since a publication printed personal information of the country's "top" homosexuals earlier this month, the Associated Press reports.

The small Ugandan newspaper Rolling Stone published photos, names, and addresses of the targeted individuals. A headline on the paper read "Hang Them."

"We felt there was need for society to know that such characters exist
amongst them," Giles Muhame, the publication's managing editor, said of gays. "Some of them recruit young children into homosexuality,
which is bad and need to be exposed. They take advantage of
poverty to recruit Ugandans. In brief we did so because homosexuality
is illegal, unacceptable, and insults our traditional lifestyle."

Frank Mugisha, chairman of Sexual Minorities Uganda, said that 20 gay persons have been attacked in the last year in the country, where a bill that would make homosexuality punishable by the death penalty is still pending. 

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