Tex. House Works to Kill College LGBT Centers

Tex. House Works to Kill College LGBT Centers

In a round-about effort to end governmental support for
LGBT centers on public college campuses, the Texas house of
representatives passed a budget provision requiring any school
with a gay center to offer the same financial support to a "traditional
values" center.

The Texas house passed the budget provision earlier this month by a 110-24 margin, reports Inside Higher Ed. If passed by the senate and signed into law by the governor, the legislation would require equal funding for promoting "family and traditional values." The group that worked with the bill's sponsor, Wayne Christian, is the Young Conservatives of Texas. The group's senior vice chairman, Tony McDonald, admits he hopes, if the bill passes, all public universities in Texas will defund LGBT centers rather than provide equal money for conservative centers — McDonald believed legislation to cut funding from gay centers was less likely to pass, so his group advocated for the "traditional values" centers.

McDonald told Inside Higher Ed that students "who want to promote a homosexual lifestyle" can do so "on their own time and with their own money."

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