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Chinese LGBT Groups Protest Online Censorship 

Chinese LGBT Groups Protest Online Censorship 

The Chinese social networking website Douban may be
waning in popularity with LGBT people due to apparent censorship, Time’s Jessie
Jiang  reports.

Some LGBT groups have recently reported that their posts for events on the website have been disappearing, sparking a boycott. "It's better than a month ago when they basically wouldn't publish any of our messages. Now they are letting through a selected few,” said Wang Qing, a spokeswoman for the Beijing LGBT Center.

But some groups have moved to smaller websites to communicate their messages. "We all know that LGBT groups love Douban," wrote one Beijing gay rights group in a letter to Douban. "You once aspired to freedom, independence and equality, but now you have broken our hearts."

Read Jiang’s full report here.

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