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The Great Love of RuPaul's Life Is...

The Great Love of RuPaul's Life Is...


RuPaul says the great love of his life is someone he's split with and who owns a ranch in Wyoming, according to an interview with Access Hollywood.

"There's a man... we were committed for many years," the host of Logo's RuPaul's Drag Race says. "We split up, but we've never really quite split up. He is the love of my life. He has a ranch in Wyoming."

RuPaul explains that his idea of a relationship has changed over the years. "As you get older, you realize that sort of the form that relationships take on, ones you grew up with, you grow out of that," he says. "You become more relaxed. He is my partner for life, but if I need to have burnt toast with another gentleman other than Jimmy and Judge Judy, then so be it."

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