In Anchorage, a Contentious Fight Over Antidiscrimination Measure 

In Anchorage, a Contentious Fight Over Antidiscrimination Measure 

On Tuesday, Anchorage could become the first city in Alaska to adopt an antidiscrimination ordinance protecting gay and transgender residents.

Yet the fight over Proposition 5, which would protect LGBT individuals in employment and housing, has been a bitter one, with antigay activists waging a campaign slammed by one gay rights advocate as “dehumanizing.”

The Wall Street Journal describes one antigay ad as chapter and verse in an ugly campaign:

"A cartoon figure of a man with hairy legs and stubble on his face is seen wearing a dress and lipstick and going into a women's bathroom, eliciting screams. Another man, also in dress, is shown applying for a job as a day-care worker and walking hand in hand with a toddler."

The ad campaign "just encourages hate and violence," One Anchorage Campaign spokesman Travor Storrs told the Journal.

According to a poll released last week, 50% of respondents said they support Proposition 5, with 41% opposed and 9% undecided.

Read the full WSJ report here.

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