Dutch Diplomat Attacked in Moscow

Dutch Diplomat Attacked in Moscow

A senior Dutch diplomat was attacked in his home in Moscow by two men posing as electricians.

The elevator in Onno Elderenbosch's home was out of order when he returned home earlier this week, the BBC reports. Two electricians were repairing it as he entered the home, but as he opened the door to his apartment, they rushed in after him, beat him, and then tied him up. Russian news stations reported that the attackers drew a heart on a mirror in lipstick, with the letters LGBT.

According to the BBC, the attack may have been retaliation for the recent  detention of Russian diplomat Dmitri Borodin in the Netherlands. He was being held under suspicion of mistreating his children. After protests outside of the Dutch embassy, an investigation, and President Vladimir Putin demanding an apology from the Dutch, it was declared that police breached the rules on Borodin's diplomatic immunity.

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