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WATCH: Barney Frank Wants to Be a Senator

WATCH: Barney Frank Wants to Be a Senator

Gay former Rep. Barney Frank reportedly called Massachussetts Gov. Deval Patrick and asked to be considered for a brief stint in the U.S. Senate, Buzzfeed's Chris Geidner reports. If appointed, Frank would temporarily fill Sen. John Kerry's seat, left vacant when President Obama tapped Kerry as his new Secretary of State. Frank would only serve in the 113th Congress for three months, until a special election can be held to allow voters to elect a new Senator. 

Asked by Joe Scarborough on MSNBC's Morning Joe today if he'd consider a temporary appointment to the U.S. Senate, Frank said he would. Frank told Scarborough that since Congress eked out an agreement on the fiscal cliff, he wants to be a part of the country's fiscal discussion in the important coming months. But Frank was clear about where his allegiance (and congressional experience) lies. 

"I'd rather be a Congressman," said Frank when Scarborough referred to him as "Senator." "I don't want to be an upper body. 32 years in the House, three months in the Senate — I'm a House member."

Watch the exchange below.

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