Mexican Activists Protest Russian Antigay Policies

Mexican Activists Protest Russian Antigay Policies

LGBT activists in Mexico City rallied on Friday outside the city's Russian embassy to protest the country's ban on "homosexual propaganda," which was signed into law by President Vladimir Putin last month, reports LGBTQ Nation

Led by activist Alonso Hernández Victoria, approximately 30 people protested in Mexico's capital city chanting slogans like, "If Lenin were alive, he'd be walking in high heels," and "Look and see, Putin is also a fag," according to LGBTQ Nation. Photos from Facebook also show the activists wearing shirts listing check-boxes for various identities: Gay, lesbian, bisexual, hetero, trans, with the final box checked, reading "human."

Victoria also delivered a petition to the Mexican ambassador to Russia demanding the "immediate cessation of repression which violates the basic human rights of Russian citizens and undermines the development of a prosperous, inclusive and respectful nation," according to reports. Additionally, LGBTQ Nation notes that advocates plan to ask the Mexican government to issue a statement in solidarity with the international LGBT community and in opposition to the antigay laws enacted in Russia, which impose fines for any individual, official, or media outlet that "promotes non-traditional sexual relations."

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