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WATCH: Manhattan, Your Homophobia Is Showing

WATCH: Manhattan, Your Homophobia Is Showing

What happens when a stereotypically gay man strolls through Manhattan? 

Inspired by a viral video entitled “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman,” self-described YouTube prankster Dennis Chuyeshkov of DennisCeeTv conducted his own experiment, replacing the woman with a stereotypically gay man.

The video (which has hundreds of thousands of plays already) follows him silently through Manhattan and documents the cruel reactions of passerby. The channel surely isn't known for a record of LGBT activism, and Chuyeshkov carries a Victoria’s Secret shopping bag and wears bright jeans and a tight V-neck cropped at the belly button — not exactly the picture of most gay men. Still, the outfit certainly brought out the homophobia.

According to the video, the experiment lasted three hours and resulted in more than 50 “instances of verbal and physical harassment” from men and women.

Respond in the Comments below: Does this video make a point, or miss the point?

Watch the video below: 

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