2005 top 10:

2005 top 10:

Brokeback Mountain

The rare film that exceeded its, well, mountain of hype
with its heartbreaking and beautifully rendered tale
of thwarted love on the range.


A devastating portrayal of gay genius Truman Capote,
willing to sell his soul and betray his friends to
create his nonfiction masterpiece, In Cold

Mysterious Skin

Did we say devastating? Gregg Araki’s awesome
rendering of Scott Heim’s novel got at the
ruination of child abuse like no film before it.

Saving Face

New lesbian love meets old Chinese-American familial
duty in this sophisticated romantic comedy from
writer-director Alice Wu.

Little Man

Filmmaker Nicole Conn devastated audiences with her
unflinching documentary on her family’s
struggle to save her son who’s 31⁄2 months


Nail-biting suspense and spot-on acting marked this
harrowing journey of an Iranian lesbian posing as a
man in order to gain asylum in Germany.


An unexpectedly potent little film that wove themes of
parenting, coming out, budding gay love, loss, and HIV
into one compelling narrative.

My Summer of Love

Fans were hot for this spare story of a plucky local
girl bewitched by a pampered miss on holiday in the
British countryside.


Everything ’90s was new again as most of the
stage cast returned and reignited the only great AIDS
musical, as vivid and vivacious as we always hoped.


Felicity Huffman’s transcendent performance held
together this offbeat road movie about a trans
woman’s reunion with her teen hustler son.

In a category all
its own:


Fashion photographer David LaChapelle got the most
exciting pictures of his life when he fell in with the
South Central L.A. dance movement known as krumping.

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